Welcome to the CineJourneys Launch Party!

It’s an exciting day for us, as we officially launch this platform and our YouTube Channel. We have been sitting on it for a long time, waiting to get the website just right. We wanted to unveil it when the website met our standards, and we had the opportunity to apply it to film discussion.

We love the website, and it has surpassed our expectations. We think you will too! It gives us so many opportunities to modernize the way we talk about film in a communal and collaborative setting.

While this day has been a long time coming, it’s really just the beginning. Please watch the demo above to get a better understanding of how this platform functions, and how it aligns with our vision.

We are kicking off a membership drive from now through most of June. Please use the coupon code LAUNCHPARTY for 15% off all memberships.

Substack subscribers — don’t worry. Your current subscription is valid here on the website, and we’ll be sharing more information soon.

Below is some of what we have planned going forward, which is in addition to what you see on the website and in the demo.

  • A new music “journey” platform. This is longer term, but we have already a sweet domain name.
  • Upgraded Community Tools on the website. Think of this as a slick social media platform just for cinephiles.
  • Discord Server Events. We encourage you to join our Discord, as we’ll have some occasional community parties.
  • Using the Journey Tools as a new way to stay connected regarding books and physical media.
  • Does anyone remember Blogathons? There are some still in existence, but they have largely faded from online film discourse. We plan to reinvent them in a contemporary way.

Please tell your friends! We’d love them to enjoy the party too!


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