Aaron West and Jill Blake really love movies. And they love talking about them even more. After working together on their podcast Criterion Now (which Aaron founded in 2017 and later invited Jill to co-host in 2021), Aaron and Jill came up with a damn good idea; one that would build upon their existing cinematic literacy and expertise, while encouraging conversation, discovery, and building community. That idea became CineJourneys, an exploration into all things cinema.

There are exciting plans in store for CineJourneys, but the first step is the launch of this Substack, which will not only be the home of the CineJourneys podcast, but a place for articles, videos, chats with subscribers, and other film-related goodies.

There are several Substack tiers for subscribers to CineJourneys with varying levels of access:

Founding: This is where it’s at, y’all. For $100 year you get all the things*— all paywalled posts (including articles), unedited podcast episodes (with video!), polls, giveaways, exclusive sneak peeks, free access to most themed monthly Journeys and forums on our website, and much more. In short: you will be spoiled. – Tier No Longer Available.

Monthly: For $6/month you’ll get access to most paywalled posts, unedited podcast episodes (with video!), polls, and much more.

Annual: Same as the monthly subscription, but at a discounted rate of $50/year—a $22 savings from the monthly subscription.

Free: Occasional posts and access to edited podcast episodes published on all the major podcast platforms