Frequently Asked Questions


Below are common questions and answers.

Here is the introductory forum where you can ask additional questions.


What is a Journey?

A Journey is best described as an exploration into a film, genre, director, actor, or era. Each Journey is led by a Guide who will provide insights and commentary on the chosen topic while facilitating discussion with those who have registered for that Journey. In addition to the guided discussions, you join an active community of cinephiles in our forums and on social media. 

How do I register for a Journey? 

Each Journey has its own page with specific details and registration. To view our current and upcoming Journeys, click here.  

Is there a membership fee for CineJourneys?

While we do offer a basic free membership, we find that most subscribers will get the most out of what CineJourneys has to offer with one of our paid membership tiers, which start at only $3/month. For more information on our membership levels and pricing, click here

Can anyone be a Guide? How do I apply?

We love that you’re interested in being a Guide! Head on over to our Guide Submission Form where you can pitch your Journey ideas. 

I have an idea for a Journey!

Great! We’d love to hear it. Head on over to our Journey Idea Form

Does CineJourneys have a podcast? Where can I find it?

We do! You can find the CineJourneys podcast on all major podcast platforms including Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

Do you have a newsletter?

We currently don’t have a newsletter, but it’s in the works! The newsletter will be based on subscription tier (including free) and a generalized newsletter for all. Stay tuned.

Is this a real company? If so, where can I find the legalese behind CineJourneys?

Yes, we are a real company! CineJourneys LLC, to be all official. We’re somebody now! Check out our Terms of Service and our Privacy Policy for all the legalese you’d ever want.