Guides are the Foundation of CineJourneys

Every Journey is led by a Guide. Each month we will host a Journey where CineJourney co-founders Jill Blake and Aaron West are the Guides. Those are among the free Journeys that are part of each membership tier.

We will also invite Guides to the platform to lead their own Journeys. You can find each Guide’s past and present Journeys listed on their Guide Page below.

Jill Blake

Jill is a writer and researcher and has written about film for various outlets including Kanopy, Netflix Film, Turner Classic Movies, and FilmStruck. She has also written essays and provided on-camera commentary for Powerhouse Films and their Indicator home video label. Jill is currently writing a book …

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Aaron West

Aaron West was a film critic in the early 2000s writing primarily for online film publications and providing film festival coverage. Aaron then finished his degree in History and Film Studies. Since then Aaron has been a hobbyist and has been blogging and podcasting for over a …

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