Website Launch, 2024 Journey Preview, Merchandise

Today we released a podcast that reveals the scheduled journeys for the remainder of the year, including the film lists (although they are subject to change depending on availability). You can find that episode here or wherever you get podcasts.

The website is almost ready for launch. We have just a few little things remaining. and we are going to launch when it makes sense.

When we launch the website, we will be posting all of the Journeys for the remainder of the year and opening up registration. Here is a sneak preview:

There are a couple of items that we have already moved over to the CineJourneys public website. We’re really proud of this About page. This is not only what CineJourneys is about, but it is also our mission statement. These are the values that we plan to revisit frequently as we continue with this project. This is to celebrate cinema as art, and give cinephiles a safe, comfortable space for conversation.

Still more to come, although we expect this will be sooner rather than later. We think you’ll be happy.


That’s right, folks! CineJourneys merch is here! We are offering a limited-edition first run of t-shirts, hoodies, mugs, and tote bags featuring the beautiful logo created by our good friend, Caitlin Kuhwald. When we first approached Caitlin with our idea, she not only hired us as clients immediately, but she also completely understood our vision for CineJourneys. It means so much to us to have Caitlin’s stunning work on display and for everyone to enjoy— all while repping the awesomeness of CineJourneys. Win-win.

Below is a gallery of what we’re offering to OGs:

You can order the merchandise here. Act fast as this limited-edition first run is for only two weeks.

Founding Members: Be on the lookout for a special promo code sent to your email.