Awards Season 2024 Journey Details

Hello all! We look forward to having you with CineJourneys for the launch of our first big Journey. This will begin on 1/15/2024 and end on 4/1/2024. More dates and details are below. You can register here.

With this Journey, we wanted to create a community with virtual meetings and digital tools where we could share an experience of navigating award’s season. This year seems especially fertile with a wide variety of films, many of which have very little in common with each other.

We will begin with The Emmy’s on January 15th. That is technically not cinema related, but the lines between TV and Film have blurred.

With one exception, there is no required film watching. We anticipate that many of you have already watched some of these films. We ask that you try to be as informed as possible in this year’s films that you can confidently vote.

Here is the schedule:

1/15/2024 – Kickoff Emmy’s live chat.
1/17/2024 – Journey Kick-Off Call. Review 2022. Recap Golden Globes, SAGs, PGA, and others.
1/24/2024 – Nomination Call. This is the day that the Oscar nominees will be announced.
1/31/2024 – Break
2/7/2024 – BarbieHeimer. The exception to the required film list. We’ll dig into what turned out to be a unique film event.
2/14/2024 – Category talk. This will be a call to talk about specific Oscar categories. The categories will depend on how accessible the films are.
2/21/2024 – Documentary and Technical Awards.
2/28/2024 – Recap SAG, Indie Spirit, PGA, AAFCA
3/10/2024 – Oscar Night live chat.
3/13/2024 – Oscar recap call.
3/20/2024 – Break
3/27/2024 – Journey Recap.
4/1/2024 – Final stats, recaps and giveaways shared.

We will also have digital tools to use the Awards Season as a jumping off point to compare film tastes. We’ll want to arrive at a consensus as far as what we think are the best films of the year, and also what we think “should” win and what we predict “will” win.

We’ll also have some fun tools and discussion topics along the way.