CineJourneys – Episode 8 – Oscar Wars with Michael Schulman


Michael Schulman, New Yorker staff writer and author, joined us to discuss the Oscar experience. Michael recently wrote the wonderful book, Oscar Wars. We talk about this year’s Oscars and a couple of the controversies, and then we dive into one of his book chapters. This was when Gregory Peck was President of the Oscars and with his all Candice Bergen, he made sweeping reforms to allow the young American New Wave directors into the Academy. We discuss the blacklist and how that impacted the Academy, and we also talk about the great Meryl Streep, since Michael has also written a book called Her Again.


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  1. Great pod Schulman was engaging and game for going deep on the Peck storyline and others. His point about the Oscars being a mirror for a moment in time rather than being a true barometer of quality was fantastic. If we stop making the Oscars something it isn’t (or never really was), then maybe we can enjoy the exercise a bit more.

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