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Chris Mohan

I certainly wasn’t criticising the movement to change the names and logos! 🙂 The franchises changing is the nature of American sports for me, and my distance geographical distance helps it not to matter as much to me. If a sports team name / branding was hurtful to a culture or demographic, I’m all for a change. I watched the Kanehsatake documentary last year and it was affecting in lots of ways.

there is a broadcaster here although back in the late 90s / early 2000s we had one of the national broadcasters who hosted a twice weekly live game which was brilliant. It’s just rebroadcast now but is a terrific service. The Cleveland thing was a combination of Major League and it being the first live game I watched on the national broadcaster. Moneybag will be an interesting movie to discuss as I went into a massive stats / sabermetric hole for many years which got me quite involved with the online Cleveland community, but the persistent late nights and young family put an end to that 😀